Charged up and ready to go…

We are pleased to have been appointed as the creative and design agency for Shield Batteries, based in Bishops Stortford. Having now entered their 100th UK manufacturing year, Shield Batteries are one of the battery industries last ‘true professionals’, with a wealth of experience, expertise, and success matched by few other companies in the sector…. Read more »

e-publish your documents

The recent trend to publish books and documents online is having a dramatic effect on the way literature is distributed. Previously the process of taking your ‘written word’ to the masses would be an expensive process with large up-front costs and minimal return for the writer as publishing houses take the lions share of the… Read more »

Woody Allen at Westbrook

Superstar perhaps not, superdog most definitely. Woody the working cocker spaniel has joined the team at Westbrook as general dogs body. With a predisposition to lying on your feet, Woody brings a smile to clients that come to the office and usually brings them his fluffy sheep in return. Keep an eye out for Woodys’… Read more »

Touch Mindmapping

Whilst many questioned Apples’ design choices we always believed the iPad would be much more than “just a big iPhone”. Having tested dozens of iPhone and iPad apps we have decided to share some of our favourites with you from time to time. This month we present the mindmappping essential iThoughtsHD. We use this to… Read more »

Case Study – Parkdale Play and Leisure

Business – LEA & School Playgrounds PPL has been a classic example of how using an agency for services can bring a brands’ strength together. The PPL name was an established and recognised force in the market place however the company logo was in need of some appropriate revision to give it strength. Following a… Read more »

Value of Branding

Brand is defined as ‘an identifying mark of distinction’ but also as ‘a mark of disgrace or infamy’. Ask yourself which one does your company come under. Ultimately you want it to be ‘placed indelibly in the memory’ of people. We try to instill in clients the understanding that branding is not all about getting… Read more »

Online Identity

In order to put a degree of scale on the growth of the internet, as of the beginning of April 2010 there were just short of 200 million domain names registered across all top level domain names (TLDs) worldwide. A staggering 25% of the worlds population are now using the internet, growing by almost 400%… Read more »