Westbrook Good week / Bad week

Our drive to recycle is making a difference, the waste bins are rarely full and we have trips to the recycling centre every couple of weeks to dispose of the paper/card/bottles & cans, we recommend everyone makes the effort as well, it’s easy – GOOD

Another iPad arrives – yay – but it’s broken booo – but a new one is on it’s way – yay, so apple are back in the good books. But then again they always provide exceptional customer service! – GOOD

Writing Long hand – writing a good old fashioned letter is back – dare to ditch the email or the text and send family or friends a ‘hand written letter’ in the post, they will be pleased as punch!! – GOOD

OK, is it just us or have we totally missed the summer here in Yorkshire this year, the sun is out at last but it feels flippin cold, we think we need an office nearer the equator! – BAD