The True Cost of Branding & Marketing…

I recently had an interesting chat with a pal, he is a huge Land Rover nut and was in the process of restoring an old Land Rover Series II Lightweight model. He knows his stuff and is a handy mechanic but was open enough to admitting when he was beaten when it came to certain parts of the restoration. He told me “Why would I spend the best part of a week struggling over re-building the gearbox, when I can pay a gearbox expert to get it spot on and get it back in a day. That way I know it will be done right, no random parts left over at the end, these guys do this day in and out, why would I risk mucking it up and probably sending it to them at the end anyway?”

This was an interesting analogy that I can relate to when working with clients. So often we come across scenarios where people have tried to look at their Branding and Marketing themselves and haven’t quite hit the mark. The Team at Westbrook collectively have been at this for almost 30 years now and there are just certain elements of the job that you can’t get from a book or sitting in a lecture hall. We have that crucial edge that is needed, an inside knowledge you might say, that really sets us apart and makes us the experts.

Contrary to popular myths, Branding & Marketing doesn’t cost the earth, but getting it wrong from the outset can actually result in costing you money. First impressions last in both business to business and business to consumer levels and the unfortunate fact is that your customers can have long memories. At Westbrook, we work with you to make sure you get it right from the outset whether is a simple as creating a logo for a business card or setting ‘tone of voice’ across your web & social media.

A classic example is there are two grocers and they both sell great apples. One just sticks a sign up saying ‘Apples For Sale’, the other however has asked for our help. We tell him to broadcast far and wide that his big, fabulous, rosy red apples are the sweetest, juiciest apples you will ever have tasted and once you’ve tried them, you’ll never want another kind of apple. Who is likely to sell more apples?

Clients often ‘react’ to a dip in the economy for instance or a threat from a competitor by suddenly addressing their marketing and branding. The boss announces we need a new logo… the website needs changing… why haven’t we got a twitter? Pier pressure takes over, good marketing strategy and practice goes out the window. Time and money is thrown at the problem and is often wasted on tasks that are really not fruitful at all. However with a bit of planning, knee-jerk reactions like this can be avoided and even semi-reactive marketing can have some structure, a kind of crisis planning if you like that will prevent things getting out of hand.

At Westbrook we make a bold statement that WHEN WE WORK FOR YOU, WE ARE PRETTY AMAZING…WORK WITH YOU HOWEVER & WE CAN BE SPECTACULAR. Working ‘with’ a client ‘always’ gives them best value for money from us, the closer we are to your business strategy, the better we understand you and your goals and the more effectively we will work with you. It’s a beautiful circle that’s tried and tested.

The thing to remember is the point I made at the outset of this ramble, we may not know how to rebuild a gearbox but the team at Westbrook live, eat & breath Branding, Creative & Marketing. We love scamping up logos, relish creating websites and get all giddy over brochures; Social Media is a guilty pleasure to us… we do this stuff all day long.

So drop us an email or give us a call and start maximizing the use of our crazy creative heads which are bursting with new ideas!