Is Bigger really better?

Sometimes bigger is better, particularly when it comes to applying design and creative to larger formats. You can now cover everything from a several storey building to the wall in your office, or downsize to a pop-up banner or box canvas on the wall, anything is potentially possible to suit your needs.

The quality of printing at these sizes has improved considerably in the last few years and you can now achieve photographic quality at staggering sizes, plus with the latest innovative inks the graphics stay fresh and strong in the extremes of weather, be it sun or snow.

The manufacture and production of these is remarkably cost effective and the impact they can add to your business on an ongoing or campaign level can be superb and sustained. Who to use however can be a minefield, with so many products coming in from the far east that are simply not up to scratch. Our experience has lead us to several established companies who each specialise in different areas but who also offer all important installation and advice as part of the package. If you need added impact or simply want some posh pics for your office please drop us a note and we will help you out.