i4 Partners – Client Profile

i4 Group is a leading provider of remuneration solutions. Their product portfolio is aimed at supporting temporary workers or individuals in business on their own, allowing them to offer services to their clients in the most tax efficient way possible. The team at Westbrook have worked with the i4 Group and it’s associated companies for the last few years.

Shannon Gardner – Sales director commented “Westbrook have done a fantastic job creating the branding that is now instantly recognised in the industries that the i4 Group covers, which are the Recruiting, Freelancer, Tax and Payroll industries – you can see that Westbrook had their work cut out for them when they accepted the initial commission from i4!”

As the i4 Group has offices in the UK, Australia and the Isle of Man, we created a logo and branding that represented the International experience and coverage of the i4 Group. This logo now features prominently on all i4 websites, brochures, promotional material and merchandise.

We created the initial branding for the i4 Group and the individual branding for the products that i4 market and sell to different sectors. Each product is matched to a specific target market and we were able to give the marketing material and branding for each product it’s own ‘look’ and ‘character’. This has helped in the successful growth and implementation of i4’s existing products, as well as additional products launched into new sectors.

Shannon goes on to say “Having a professional and instantly recognised brand has been paramount to the success of our business and the professional brochures and marketing materials that Westbrook have developed for the various products of the i4 Group have definitely been a strong factor in i4 being successfully appointed to the PSL’s of multi-National Companies, such as Reed, the HCL Group, Pulse and many of the UK’s biggest recruitment agencies.”

“In the UK, the i4 Group operates in tax and payroll sectors, which can be affected at short notice by changes in legislation. In these instances, it has always been greatly reassuring to know that Westbrook are there and able to respond to our requests for changes in our marketing materials at a moment’s notice. Clive and the Westbrook team are always friendly, extremely professional, great to work with and most importantly of all from a business perspective, consistently produce marketing materials of the highest standard.”

If you would like to know more about the services i4 provide or how Westbrook can manage your brand please contact us.