Fear of Exposure

t-shirts‘Fear of Exposure’ – This is not a fear of your shirt miraculously disappearing, but a fear of exposing to others that there are areas of your Business Marketing or Communications that you just don’t understand. Now this may be a new area of marketing activity well out of your comfort zone or be a significant activity that you know you should be addressing but really not sure where to start.

Whether it’s Social Networking, Interactive Media or even saving a file in the correct format, muddling your way through does not work. You can spend a lot of time and effort trying to deal with these things on your own, when in fact you have no idea the reasons behind what you are doing or even how to do it. Often, quite understandably, this is simply due to a fear of looking daft or being laughed at by piers and colleagues…don’t worry we’ve all been there!

How Westbrook can help –

This is a very common ‘syndrome’ that we encounter across all sizes of companies and clients but a scenario we are perfectly geared to deal with. It’s our job to keep at the forefront of design, web and new marketing techniques. It’s also our job to digest all this new information and establish what is appropriate for our clients. It’s then our job to talk to YOU about this and inform you and essentially teach you.

Stick to what you’re good at – We recognise our clients are the best at what they do, whether it’s roasting great coffee or recruiting great doctors, but in turn allow us to do what we are best at. ‘Expose yourself’ and tell us where you need help, show us where your weaknesses are and let us fill in the gaps and give you confidence to embrace all that is new in the Design and Marketing world. We promise we won’t snigger or giggle… it’s really not that funny.

So keep your shirt on and give us a call, let us show you what we are great at.