All mixed up over Social Media

Now here’s a problem, you have a great big pile of cupcakes, a shop full in fact, and those cupcakes really are pretty damn delicious. You have the website but no-body is ordering…

Friends and family may be benefiting from all the left over cakes but the business is suffering. What you need to find is a cheap and effective way to promote your produce, drive people to your website and tell people about the all different kinds of sumptuous cakes you make and most importantly how delicious they are!


But how?

What you need is a good taste of Social Media.

Social media is easy way to promote your products to customers both old and new and in turn drive traffic to your website. It allows you to use your current customers to do the work for you by talking about your products, sharing their views and through ‘guided’ discussions it creates a buzz around your business. Anyone who has access to Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites will be able see how many people have enjoyed your products in the past and will have access to those all important offers, photos and news that they may not come across without visiting your site directly.

Remember, you can tell everyone everyday how great your products (or shall we say your ‘cakes’) are, but a customer’s recommendation is of the highest value. It assures potential new customers that the ‘proof is actually in the pudding’ and that your cupcakes are the lightest, tastiest cupcakes ever, covered in the best icing with a juicy cherry on top!

If your brain is still baked on how to best utilise social media, and you would like more advice about how to sell your cakes in a-bun-dance – talk to Westbrook. Call us on 01943 604100 or email us Here.