5 Great Tips for Successful Email Marketing

At times, throwing together an entire email marketing campaign can seem daunting. How does one even know where to begin? Well, the best place to start is by learning. Once you know the simple 5-step process for fail-proof permission-based email marketing you have the road map that you need to simplify the email marketing process and execute successful campaigns.

Step 1:

Begin by using permission-based email software (such as iContact) that allows you to easily create newsletters, automatically manage subscribes, unsubscribes, and bounces, and view reporting statistics like opens and click-throughs.

Step 2:

Decide on the type and frequency of the email communications you will be sending. We recommend sending at least one newsletter per month. You can send multiple newsletters if you sell different types of products. You can also send promotional messages offering a discount or a coupon for a product or service.

Step 3:

Add a sign-up form to your website so you can start collecting subscribers and import any existing lists of subscribers that have already requested your communications. It is generally also safe to import the names of anyone who has done business with you in the past year, provided you will be sending content relevant to what they purchased.

Step 4:

Choose a good email template by using the templates provided within the email software, having your in-house team create one, or by using the custom design services of your marketing company. iContact for example, provides over 300 design templates within the software that can be used free of charge, and we you can also develop custom templates.

Step 5:

Develop relevant and high-quality content for your newsletter or message, and send it out to your list. Continue sending your newsletters, announcements, or promotions with consistent frequency. As your list grows, you will notice increased traffic (and where relevant, increased sales) on the day of and the days following an email send.

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